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Duoink PTE is an AI powered learning tool, moreover it is an online learning community for PTE takers. With the advantages of AI and big data, praticing is goal-oriented, fun and effortless.


PTE is the acronym of Pearson Test of English(Academic).PTE-A is a new international test of English skills started by Pearson on October 26, 2009.

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RSHalloween Nightmare16.1W
WFDThere are many concerns about the research, for example, financial considerations.100+
FIB_LWYesterday once more3.1K
MA_RSee you see me900+
RSChanging your interest is a natural part of the learning process.1.3K
RPNatural part600+
RSForgot Nightmare16.1W
WFDThe cafeteria will only serve cold milk on Friday this week.100+
MA_LNo more truth900+

smart library

Predicting test range from features extracted from user big data. Making prep more efficient. Besides, we provide multi-dimensions for our library, so you can find what you need to practice more easily.

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speaking evaluation by AI

With billions of user practice data, we can provide accurate phonetical level spealing evaluation by analysing 14 pronunciation factors, 5 fluency factors and utilizing the power of state-of-the-art content aware NLP algorithms.

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Live a noble and honest life. Reviving past times in your old age will help you to enjoy your life once again.
What is the strength and weakness of the public transportation system in your country?
Public transpart is good if it run from where you are to where you want to be in a reasonable time and in a fair cost. Even then it is not so good if you have many luggage to carry out in peak times when it is over crowded.
transpart 不在我们的字典里

writing evaluation by AI

Powered by advanved NLP algorithms and machine learning, we provide spell correction, content suggestion, grammar checking and more for your writing tasks. Moreover our algorithms align with PTE official technical guide very well so you can archieve higher score when you pratice more on our platform.

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Strong teaching and research system

With 4 years of industry experience, we has trained thousands of students and cultivated nearly a hundred outstanding PTE teachers. Duoink PTE has the top teaching and research team in the PTE industry, we provides users with the most considerate teaching services. Duoink PTE courses are complete and detailed. Each course has been carefully designed by dozens of teaching and research colleagues and has gone through more than 6 months of polishing and students feedback. These all help us present better courses to everyone.

Study abroad

PTE has become the first choice for thousands of students studying abroad due to its fast, fair and unbiased scoring.

transfer from IELTS

Compared with the IELTS test, the PTE computer based test focuses more on application skills and is more suitable for non native english speakers, allowing candidates to spend less time to achieve the target score.

immigrate to Australia

As an official language test of the Australian Immigration Bureau, PTE is more suitable for students whose target score are lower, and has become the first choice for more and more immigration applicants.

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levle test
Duoink PTE has created an original eight-step teaching and research method. Each step has been polished and proved by dozens of teaching and research elites, and has reasonable schedules that provide exclusive services to students in the course.

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Self-study DIY essentials, unlimited practicing, unlimited cloud storage, multi-device data sync, weekly hot items updates, and more exciting features waiting for you to discover.
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AI scoring brings rapid improvement of skills and abilities; unlimited practice items export, learning at any time on any device and more VIP exclusive featrues bring a comprehensive improvement of learning efficiency
Unlock AI powered features to archieve 79+
Use AI technology to fully assist every bit of learning, ALS ability analysis provides a full range of analysis and interpretation for your exercises; smart bookmarks help you grasp the changes in each question item, and always know the latest test key; there are also SVIP exclusive services let you do more with less.
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